Balancing as a specialism

Elma is a specialist in balancing machine parts for all branches of industry since the fifties

Due to vibration structural parts of a rotary machining tool can become detached. This m ay have the effect of damaged foundations and malfunction of electrical equipment. Furthermore piping and electric cables can get damaged or even break. Imbalance can reduce the operational safety of a machine significantly. By balancing and perform maintenance on your machinery not only the lifetime but also the safety of your employees will benefit. Elma has the specialism, equipment and service engineers to balance both small and large, light and heavy machinery. This can be performed both on site as well as in our well-equipped workshop.


Imbalance in a rotor can be divided roughly into three types of imbalance:

The “fall” of, for example, a fan in stand-still position indicates a static imbalance, referring to the imbalance force already present in a non-rotating machine. This unbalance can be eliminated by balancing in one plane.

When this static imbalance is eliminated by applying a corrective weight in a different plane as the plane having the imbalance, the result is a so-called torque imbalance. In a stationary rotor these weights will keep each other in balance. However, with a rotating rotor these opposite forces will result in a torque and therefor a vibration.

The vast majority of imbalances, for example a rotor, consist of a combination of both a static and a torque imbalance. This combination is called a dynamic imbalance. Elma has the expertise and monitoring equipment to detect and correct any kind of imbalance.

In a number of drive applications, like pumps and hammer mills, the axle of the motor must be perfect in line with the axles of the driven rotor. Misalignment result, as with imbalance, in vibration and unnecessary wear. If required we can perform a vibration analysis on site. In order to identify the described deviations and repair then Elma has advanced laser alignment equipment.

Balancing on site

We can also perform a balancing job on site. It is important that:

  • The equipment requiring balancing needs to be accessible, for example by an inspection hatch.
  • The equipment can be started and stopped a number of times.

The measuring equipment combines measuring along with the calculations required to determine the relationship between the measured values and the imbalance to be eliminated. These activities are performed globally.

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